YouTube Ranking Factors CHECKLIST

I probably don’t need to tell you that YouTube is a MASSIVE untapped traffic source for most online businesses.
Unless you plan on your video going viral Justin Bieber-style, you’ll need to focus on ranking your videos YouTube and Google to get views. Fortunately, YouTube SEO isn’t rocket science.
Just follow the steps in this checklist and you’ll notice your videos ranking higher in YouTube and in Google – meaning more traffic for you.

STEP 1. Find a video keyword

Like with “regular” SEO, keyword research is THE most important part of YouTube SEO.
Before you shoot a second of video, you need to find keywords that have YouTube results in Google. In other words, Video Keywords.
Video Keywords tend to be:

  • How-to keywords (“how to shave a cat”)
  • Reviews (“Bluehost review”)
  • Tutorials (“Setting up WordPress”)
  • Anything fitness or sports related (“Cardio kickboxing”)
  • Funny videos (“Cute animals”)

Once you’ve found a video keyword, use the Google Keyword Planner to make sure that keyword gets at least 300 searches per month.

STEP 2. Plan Your Video With YouTube User Experience In Mind

Unlike Google – which largely uses backlinks to measure content quality – YouTube has no such luxury.
What do they use instead?
User experience signals.

The better your user YouTube experience signals, the higher you’ll rank.
In fact, you can outrank competitors with 10x more views if your video has better user experience signals:

As you script and film your video, keep these critical YouTube user experience signals in mind:

  • Audience retention: The percentage of your video people tend to watch (the more, the better).
  • Comments: If people comment, they probably enjoyed the video (or at least
    watched it).
  • Subscribes after watching: If someone subscribes to your channel after watching your video that sends a HUGE signal that you have an amazing video.
  • Social shares: How many people share your video on social media sites like Twitter and Google+.
  • Favorites: The number of people that favorite your video or add it to their “Watch Later” playlist.
  • Thumbs up/Thumbs down: Self explanatory
  • One more tip: Make sure your video is at least 5-minutes long. I’ve done extensive testing and found that 5+ minute videos perform MUCH better than shorter videos.

STEP 3. Upload and Optimize Your Video

Now that you’ve found a Video Keyword and created
a compelling, 5+ minute video around, it’s time to
upload your video… with YouTube SEO in mind.
Here’s how:

  • Video Filename: Should include your target keyword. But also include a word before or after so it doesn’t look like keyword-stuffing.
    For example, YouTube_SEO_Video.mp4.
  • Video Title: Make sure your keyword is at the
    beginning of your title. If possible start your video
    title off with your target keyword. For example,
    if your keyword was “weight loss”, your video
    title should be something like: Weight Loss Tips:
    5 Ways to Drop Extra Pounds.
  • Description: When most people upload a video to YouTube, they mindlessly toss a few words into the description box. That’s a HUGE mistake. Remember that Google can’t watch or listen to your video content.
    Instead, they rely on your video’s text-based title and description to determine what your video is about. So give them enough information by writing a 200+-word description that includes your keyword 3-4 times.
    Tags: Just include your keyword as your first tag and a few related keywords as tags. Simple.

STEP 4. Get High-Retention Views

When it comes to YouTube views, quality and quantity are both important.
Here’s how to get lots of views that actually stick around and watch your video:

  • Mention Your Video on Quora and Other Q&A Sites: Just search for a question on your video’s topic. And add a link to your video. Or better yet, embed it into your answer.
  • Link To Your Video In Your Email Signature: People that email you (like your mom) generally like you. So when you add a link to your latest video in your email signature, that means you get high-retention views like they’re going out of style.
  • Embed Your Videos in Blog Posts: Whenever you write a blog post (on your site or as a guest post for another site), think to yourself: “Where can I embed a YouTube video into this post?”
  • Social Media: Share your video to your followerson Twitter, Facebook and Google+ (seems straightforward but I’m surprised how many people don’t do this!).


+ Use Competitor’s Channel Name as a Tag

+ Use Suggested Video to Get More Views

I’ll show you the exact ways to leverage your Youtube channels using 2 above bonuses (it’s a bit technical).

Hope you enjoy it so far. Let me know in the comment to encorage me! Thank you!

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