Spying on your Facebook competitors Ads using this tool

Facebook ads spy tool

Without a Facebook ads spy tool , you can see a part of which audience your competitors by clicking on the down arrow on the top right side of an ads then choose > Why am I seeing this. Facebook will tell you why (thumbsup).

When it comes to doing paid advertising, it is a must that you need to test your ads over and over again to see what works, what does not. This takes time, effort and money! One way to minimize all these assets is to use a Facebook ads spy tool. Have you ever thought about it? If not yet, you might have this question in your mind:

How to spy on your competitors Facebook ads?

Only tools can help us marketers facilitate the work. For spying area, my recommendation is to use the #1 Facebook ads spy tool: FBEcom 2.0. In fact, it is only one powerful function of world’s first all-in-one Facebook tool complete management, mass automation, mass extraction and engagement suite FbCandy.  Let’s take a closer look at what founders and programmers of this tool are working hard on, Let the numbers speak!

FBEcom 2.0:

Game Changer for people who are doing DropShipping/Ecommerce Shopify, Amazon, eBay

FBEcom 2.0: FBEcom 1.0 + Big Database updated = Never miss any new trending products

 125,000+ Stores

 35,000,000+ Products

 55,000+ Daily new products

Everyone can become the winner today!

1. Trending products across all dropshipping stores:

FBEcom collects and provides latest trending products including: Last week’s Best Seller, Today Best Seller, Just-launched Best Seller. Reveal daily LIVE revenue and sold number.

2. Never miss any just-launched best seller:
Just-launched Trending provides list of latest released products which bring high revenue. These are the most potential profitable items you can easily sell when the competition is low.

3. Largest product database for dropshipping:
Millions of products found in seconds. Figure out your niche faster with powerful filters.

Facebook keeps changing its algorithm daily but this Facebook ads spy tool has been working like a charm. Many professional online marketers are profiting from it. It’s your time 🙂

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