How to get rich by raising a paddling of ducks?

How to get rich by raising a paddling of ducks?

This is real stories of my members. You can read and do the same. The opportunity is for everyone.
With 50$ you will buy a duck that lays a golden egg.

Each day, a duck will lay an egg ($0.5 including both capital and interest for you). I lay continually and after 120 days, It will die. Therefore, each egg you buy produces 120 golden eggs before it’s gone. In total, you get back $60.

You can turn the golden eggs into money by 2 ways: you can withdraw directly or you can add up until it has enough balance and you buy a new egg for it to lay eggs simultaneously. Thus, if you buy One egg, it will become $60 after 4 months, you get 20% => You earn only 5% = $2.5 Is it just a small amount?

Yes, it is…

If you raise only one duck, it’s not worth your time. So raise more. The number could be 1 or 1000 at a time. (But only 1000 ducks maximum per household). No matter how many you get, the only work you have to do to keep them alive and lay eggs is click on 10 websites and view them each day. It takes you around 10 min per day and that’s it.

You can go to sleep or do any big things in life and rest assured that your ducks will automatically lay eggs for you.

What are the secrets here?

Secret one: Compound interest

You will raise a paddle of ducks! The more of them the better.
Many people raise a paddling of 20 ducks at a time. ($1000 investment). You will receive 20 eggs (= $10 daily), after 5 days you have $50. It’s equivalent to another duck.

They then buy a new duck, now they have 21 ducks. Each day the number increase, 1 eggs = $0.5

You work (not so hard) daily, only 10 min/day, after a year, the number of ducks increases more. Now it’s 80 ducks. Each day they lay 80 eggs equal to $40.

So after a year, he x4 his investment. At this point, 5% per month is around $250.

But what if you buy 100 ducks in the beginning? ($5000)?

With this formula, you will have 400 ducks after a year. It’s $20k!! You get $200 each day. Each month, $1000 is handled into your pocket.

Not long after 2 years, you will gain 1000 ducks, the total value now is $50k. Each month you have an extra $2,500. Wow, what a number to such an easy task!


Secret two: Sharing this information and helping others to have their own ducks.

You are at a whole new level now. Your mission is to raising your own paddling and helping others as well. Each referal you have, you will earn more. Your potential income? THE SKY IS THE LIMIT !!


So, where can you find the place to start raising your ducks?
=> Simply go here

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