20 Coupon sites you can’t miss

Whether you like to shop online or in stores, saving money is great. Taking advantage of coupons can help save you money on your purchases.

Thanks to coupon websites, you are no longer limited to the Sunday paper for coupons. There are other ways to save money on the products you buy.

There are sites that will allow you to have coupons that you can print out. In addition, some sites have coupon codes you can scan right at the store checkout register from your smartphone.

Here are some of the top coupon sites that can help save you money on everything. From clothing to personal goods and more, they have deals for you.

When searching for the best deal sites for you, we worked to find sites that were user-friendly. Also, we chose sites that have the scoop on the best current deals.

Best Coupon Websites

There are many places for you to get coupons to help save money on purchases. Here are twenty of our favorite sites.

1. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot’s website has over 500,000 coupons for over 50,000 stores. You can search for coupons with them by going online from your computer. RetailMeNot can save you money in a variety of ways.

They offer:

  • Gift cards at discounted prices (delivered online almost immediately)
  • Coupon codes
  • printable coupons
  • Stores currently offering free shipping
  • Cash back offers
  • Travel discounts

They’ve also designed their site so that it’s super easy to use.

2. Coupons.com

Coupons.com is one of my personal favorites. You can use the site to get coupon codes. However, if you’d rather print coupons for in-store use, their “click, print and save” method is a breeze.

When you go to their site, you’ll see scores of coupons offering money savings. They have deals on nearly every product you could imagine.

Other things the site shares include cash back offers and their “the good stuff” section. This section has info on special items such as holiday specific deals. It also contains their “deals of the day”.

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3. Ebates

Ebates gives you cash back for your shopping purchases. You can get up to 40% back depending on the store. Currently they feature over 2000 stores to choose from.

Bonus: their new smartphone app allows you to get cash back on in-store purchases as well.

Another fun thing about Ebates is that you can get your cash back several ways. They allow you to get cash back via a check or a Paypal payment. Or, they have a third option that allows you to donate your cash back. They’ll send your cash back right to your favorite charitable organization.

How cool is that?

4. Red Plum

Red Plum regularly has coupons in many Sunday papers. However, by visiting their website instead you’ll get some cool added benefits.

Their ‘click and print’ feature isn’t much different than what other coupon sites offer. But the site does have other added benefits.

For instance, they have a great blog. It features articles such as ‘Easy Tricks to Remove Carpet Stains’. Other articles include ‘Dining Out for Less’ and ‘7 Memorable Mother’s Day Activities’.

As an extra bonus, they have a “recipes” page. That page shares recipes filtered by ingredients. You can also search by nutritional type (i.e. Paleo, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, etc.) and by meal type (i.e. Casseroles, Slow Cooker, Grill, Fry, etc.).

5. Savings.com

Savings.com offers coupons from a variety of stores including The Gap, Kohls and Macy’s. You can sort discount offerings by category for easier shopping, too.

They also feature a section with local offerings for restaurants and stores in your area.  I even found coupons for stores and restaurants in our small town of just 4,000 people!

In addition, they have a blog and occasion-specific deals as well.

6. Slickdeals

The Slickdeals website opens up with their Featured Deals and their Frontpage Slickdeals. Theseare defined as “some of the best deals on the Web in the last 24 hours according to our editors and our community”.

Slickdeals has a huge emphasis on community. It allows members to share deals they’ve found on the Web. That way the site can expand their money-saving offerings to website visitors.

Part of their “community” section includes forums. Forums are where members can share and ask about deals they’ve found or are looking for.

7. ShopAtHome

Shop At Home focuses on giving you money back for online shopping. You create a free account, then browse their thousands of deals.

When you buy, the store pays Shop at Home for referring you. In turn, Shop At Home passes those savings on to you.

You can choose to get your cash back in the form of an Amazon gift card. Or you can get it in your Paypal account or via a check in the mail.

Know that you have to be logged in to the Shop At Home site in order to earn cash back on your purchases.

8. Smart Source

Like Coupons.com, Smart Source features a super easy “click and save” printing system for the coupons they offer.

One of the things I love about the Smart Source site is that you can filter coupons by category. Choose from categories suchasbaby products, automotive, personal care, household, etc.

You can also filter by brand (i.e. Welch’s, Sunbelt Bakery, Gerber). In addition, you can enter your zip code to see offers specific to your area.

Smart Source is one of the coupon providers you may see regularly in the papers. However, using their website allows you to skip the paper and quickly print out the coupons you need.

9. Groupon

You’ve likely heard of Groupon. They offer great deals on restaurants from fine dining to local cafes. They also have travel deals (Bahamas, anyone?) and on goods and services.

Their Getaway deals range from packages for local sporting events to far away excursions to exotic places.

You’ll find offerings for deals on just about everything. They’ve got spa packages, jewelry deals, electronics deals and more.

As an added bonus, they offer coupons for over 11,000 stores. There’s definitely no shortage of great deals on Groupon. We like to use the site to save money on our monthly entertainment budget.

10. Living Social

Living Social has coupon offerings that are similar to Groupon. What’s cool about Living Social is that you can search via subject and location.

Want to find a Sushi Bar in New York City? A spa in Phoenix? Just enter in the type of excursion along with what city you’re interested in. In no time the deals will start appearing.

When I searched for “spa” in “Phoenix”, over 130 offerings appeared. There’s no shortage of deals on Living Social.

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11. The Krazy Coupon Lady

One of my favorite things about The Krazy Coupon Lady site is that they’ll show you how to combine coupons from different sources. This feature allows you to get THE best deal on the things you buy.

Example: Walmart sells Cake Mate candles for $1. The Krazy Coupon Lady has a coupon for $1 off one Cake Mate decorating item. Final price? FREE.

This site shows you ways to get the most off of what you buy. It offers crazy big money savings!

12. Hip2Save

Hip2Save offers big money savings on specific brands and items and at specific stores as well. They also feature videos and a rewards program.

In addition, they share tips on everything from saving money to their favorite recipes.

They’ve got a “freebie” section too. That section shares birthday freebies and other special freebies for site users.

13. Frugaa

Frugaa works to bring customers the “latest working coupon codes that will help you save money on your purchase.” Total active coupons when I visited their site? Over 45,000.

Their home page features the hottest current deals. However, you can also search the site for a specific store or category.

They’ve got a pretty expansive deal list.

I didn’t see “Automotive” on their sidebar category list. However, when I typed the word “automotive” into their search bar, it returned 858 results.

They had deals for a variety of different discounts such as tire purchases and auto store website purchases.

14. Brad’s Deals

This site features discounts on goods at over 3,800 stores. Brad’s Deals works with retailers to get you deep discounts on everyday items.

For instance, you’ll find deals on clothing, household goods and jewelry.

When I was searching the site for this article, I found a diamond tennis bracelet with a final price of $26.39 – woohoo! In order to get their deals, however, you need to click through to the store website via the Brad’s Deals website.

If you don’t, the advertised deal won’t show up. The site also features a blog that shares a variety of money-saving tips. In addition, it shares the best credit card offers and current freebie deals.

15. Free Shipping

Free Shipping works a bit differently than the other sites we’ve talked about so far.

When you shop through Free Shipping, it allows you to compare prices from various stores. This way you can get the best price on the items you want.

On top of that, they give a minimum of ten percent cash back on purchases.

As an added bonus, free shipping will give you a rebate on any shipping charges you have to pay when you make a purchase through their site.

One caveat: it costs $12.97 a month to be a member of their site. However, they do offer a trial period so you can try the site. This way you can see if the money savings for your shopping habits will outweigh the membership cost.

16. Amazon Coupons

As the name implies, Amazon Coupons are usable only for purchases made at Amazon.com.

They have coupons available for all Amazon users. However, there is a disclaimer on the site that reads “Some coupons many be only available to Prime members.”

The Prime Members coupons are identifiable by the “Prime Pantry” logo on the coupon. Using Amazon Coupons is a great way to get an extra discount on Amazon’s already low prices.

17. Price Blink

Price Blink is a free plug-in for your Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser. It’s a pretty cool deal, actually. Let’s say you’ve installed the plug-in on your browser and you’re shopping for a camera.

The Price Blink add-on will compare the current site’s prices with other sites which offer the same product. This will help you get the best current deal on the camera.

It will also search the web for any coupons that might apply to the product you’re shopping for.

Added bonus: Price Blink shows you reviews listed around the web that you can search through. You can research before you buy so you can make sure to buy a product you’ll be happy with.

18. Deal News

The staff at Deal News personally reviews deals every day. This helps you find the best deals around on items you want to buy.

They limit their offerings to the “best 300 deals we can find”. This makes it easier for customers to avoid pseudo savings and go straight for the money-saving gold.

Deal News shares the best deals on clothing, travel, electronics and more.

They also have a commitment to giving back. They support many charitable organizations such as the Red Cross and the ALS Association.

So when you use Deal News, you can feel good about your purchases. You’re saving money and helping them give to those in need.

19. Flamingo World

Flamingo World is an expansive coupon site that shares coupons for online shopping. In addition, they have printable coupons, and share local and daily deals as well.

They have another tab that shares current free shipping offers for dozens of stores too.

The site also has links to the weekly ads for many popular stores. Some store ads include Costco, Family Dollar, and Kohls.

You can find deals by searching via category or by searching for a particular store. As I searched through the site, it seemed as if the deals were almost limitless.

20. DontPayFull

DontPayFull‘s mission is to help you pay less and save more. They’ve been working since 2012 to bring you money saving offers.

Their site is very easy to use. Simply type in the name of the store, offer or brand you’re looking for.

The DontPayFull site will show you all available offers. In addition, it’ll give you direct links to the site they’re on.

With this site you’ll find offers from over 100,000 stores. You can find discounts on stores like Walmart, Target and Amazon.

Or on lesser known retailers around the world. The site is easy to navigate and can show you where thousands of discounts are.

One thing I really like about the site is its automatic customization feature. When I click on the Walmart link, it’ll bring me right to deals for my hometown Walmart store.

If you want to make it even easier to find deals, you can create an account. Accounts are free, and then the deals will come right to your email inbox.

In today’s world of online shopping coupons sites, there’s almost no reason to pay full price for anything. Why spend more than you should when you shop? Take advantage of the many online sites that will help you save money.




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